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Getting your RV ready to go

  • Electrical & Propane

    • Plug into shore power a week before leaving.

  • Appliances

    • Turn on the refrigerator.

      • RV refrigerators take 1-2 days to get cold. Also, make sure the trailer is level. The fridge performance can be affected heavily if not level. We turn ours on 1-3 days before we plan on putting food in it. Utilize the 110v(auto) option on the fridge to save propane.

  • Plumbing & Water Heater

    • Install all drain plugs. Low point drains, fresh water tank, water heater.

    • Fill the fresh water tank.

    • Turn on the water pump once the monitor reads 1/3 while filling. This allows the water heater to fill up (6-10) gallons.

    • Open any hot faucet to allow air to purge out.

    • Once consistent water flows, turn off the hot faucet and allow the pump to pressure up/ shut off. Wait and listen for any surging from the pump to confirm the water system is tight with no leaks.

    • If the trailer has been sitting for a long time. You’ll want to purge the propane system through the stove top burners before lighting other appliances.

    • Test run all appliances: fridge furnace, A/C, water heater oven/ stove top.

    • If the water heater has a 110v option(electric). Turn it on to get your water hot before you leave. (saves propane)

    • Confirm you’re water heater has water in it before turning on any heat source. Open the pressure relief valve on the water heater. Confirm water comes out. Now it’s safe to turn on the water heater.


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